When I met Dr. Strongin, my outlook on therapy and on my life forever changed. She let me explore my own thoughts by asking me all the right questions. She gently pushed me to feel out various situations on my own. She encouraged me to figure out how I wanted my eggs cooked and to know exactly where I wanted to go for dinner. She’d check in if she sensed I was getting angry with her and she’d send me a note when I was away for long periods of time. I felt stronger with her by my side. For the first time in my life, I looked forward to weekly therapy sessions. 
— Anonymous

The most important thing about my time with Dr. Strongin is that she motivated me to think for myself by giving me plenty of strategies for handling various life situations. I felt equipped to go out on my own, which I ultimately did. Thanks to her, I feel confident and better about myself, my challenged past and the journey ahead. I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with Dr. Strongin. I truly don’t think I would be in as good of a place as I am now without her guidance during some of the toughest years of my life.
— FG

I am very aware day to day of the enormous, positive impact my therapy had on my life—in the way I respond to stressful situations, other people’s stress, and the work-life slumps that I encounter and that are par for the course in a rigorous job and/or life in general. I feel like I have absolutely learned and retained the tools I need to cope with the things that used to cause me such anxiety. I really owe Dr. Strongin a huge thank you, because I feel like my equilibrium has at long last been restored.
— YF

Dr. Strongin has been an invaluable resource of objective support as I have navigated pregnancy, new motherhood, and everything in-between. She knows when to push, and when to be an excellent cheerleader on a goal-driven journey. Working with Dr. Strongin is the best choice I have ever made on a long quest of self-care.
— AA

Dr. Strongin provided our corporation insight and direction that we never expected. She was a tool we used and relied on weekly to assess character, issues with hierarchy, relational divides and productivity. Her direct nature finds problems instantly and her insight solves them just as quickly. My employees looked forward to having her around and began to rely heavily on her expertise. One of the best and most invaluable resources we have had the pleasure of using.
— Investment Management Firm (NYC)