Individual Integrative Psychotherapy


Since every individual is unique and has their own life history, I individualize and incorporate various therapeutic approaches in order to best fit the treatment at hand. I often incorporate psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, systems therapy and/or dialectical behavioral therapy. I use an active approach while also using my own experience of each individual to better guide me to problems and use the therapeutic relationship to treat them.

Couples Therapy


As a couples therapist, I pay very close attention to the entire system at play rather than diving into the content. Each individual contributes to the often unhealthy and unproductive dance that occurs with many couples. In order to change that dance, both individuals have to communicate adequately. I help assist couples in acknowledging their own role and provide tools on how to adequately change those patterns.

Performance Coaching


I offer companies and/or individuals coaching to increase productivity, work morale and organizational change. Having worked in a financial institution as a performance coach, I have experience using solution-focused therapy. I am able to quickly and efficiently identify the problem and counsel individuals and/or corporations on the best way to solve them while also providing psycho-education. 

Career Coaching


Finding fulfillment and satisfaction in one’s career often heavily impacts one’s mood and self-esteem. Therefore, I use a direct and supportive approach to career coaching to quickly identify the challenges and together make achievable goals to one’s path to fulfillment.

Perinatal Psychotherapy


Treating women in all stages of fertility is a true gift. My clinical research and dissertation was studying infertile women and a great deal of my interest in training went into treating women throughout the various stages of parenthood varying from family planning, infertility, pregnancy and postpartum. I incorporate various techniques in treating this area and heavily disclose my own experience through pregnancy and parenthood to help normalize and guide women through these delicate stages.

Therapy for Millennials


Although many would not delineate these individuals into their own category, my experience with this age group has forced me to treat them using different techniques and research. Often struggling with decision making, bigger life goals and difficulty finding satisfaction in relationships, a solution focused approach is often best. 

Therapy for Men 


Treating men in general requires a different approach. Something I have delicately learned from years of treating men in my private practice. I incorporate psychoeducation on the communication of feelings while building strong therapeutic trust. The topic of shame tends to be unconsciously interwoven into many issues and one’s masculinity. Therefore, when treating men, I follow a more delicate approach incorporating psychoeducation including research while using the therapeutic relationship to make improvements and treating the problems.



Facetime allows patients to stay consistent with psychotherapy when they are unable to attend sessions regularly. I am open to using this because I believe it can be a successful way to continuously stay engaged in therapy, when other life factors get in the way of coming into the office.