Marianna Strongin, Psy.D., PLLC

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Founder


I am a licensed clinical psychologist trained to treat mood disorders, life transitional issues, relationship problems and help understand and recognize unhealthy life patterns. Together we work on treating the problem, recognize the effects it has on your life and working toward a different more effective experience.

Through exploration of feelings, behaviors and life choices I help my clients become stronger and more confident individuals. 

I also treat relationship, financial, family, mood, and workplace problems. I provide time limited therapy so that individuals do not have to spend a life time in therapy, but rather can learn from the experience and go on to face the real world independently.I believe that we all seek a place where we can begin to take the shield off and therapy is a space where my clients can openly divulge and feel safe while receiving adequate support and advice.

Since completing my training, I have been expanding my private practice on the Upper East Side while participating in academia by serving as an Adjunct Supervisor for Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and Adjunct Professor/Supervisor at St. Luke's Roosevelt Mount-Sinai Hospital.

Clinical Training

My clinical training began at the Manhattan Psychiatric, a state psychiatric facility that caters primarily to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. I gained real knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment and research of severe psychopathology.

I continued my training at Bellevue Hospital where I completed two years of training in the treatment of trauma, substance use and mood disorders while using a handful of therapeutic modalities and interventions.

I finished my pre-doctoral training at the coveted St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital (Mount Sinai) in their adult program. There I was trained to treat personality disorders, trauma, substance abuse, mood and anxiety disorders and severe mental illness. I was also able to complete training in CBT, DBT, Systems Family Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. 

After receiving my doctorate I continued my training at The William Alanso White Institute where I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in relational psychotherapy and received extra training on various psychodynamic modalities.

Since completing my training, I have been in private practice on the upper east side and an adjunct supervisor at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology.